The UK’s Institution for Mechanical Engineers has released a report: Energy From Gas: Taking a Whole System Approach. The organization has come forward in favor of expanding the role of hydrogen and ‘power to gas’ (turning electricity into hydrogen) to decarbonize the British economy and scale up the integration of renewables.

The UK has a strong base of hydrogen fuel cell companies including ITM Power, Ceres Power and Intelligent Energy. The region is already moving forward on a number of projects that create hydrogen to decarbonize the

In Northern UK, The HyDeploy is an effort to decarbonize the heating sector by blending hydrogen (aiming up to 20%) with natural gas. IMCHE’s vision is based on a system-level transformation of UK’s energy networks.  A power to gas strategy would provide massive storage options for turning off-shore wind resources in the North Sea.  The North Sea Wind Power Hub forecasts: By 2040, North Sea offshore wind power capacity could reach 70-150 GW, the consortium said, corresponding to around one fifth of the EU’s power consumption. That is about 7-15 times more wind energy capacity than has been installed so far in the North Sea.

Read the report:

PDF – Energy from Gas Taking a Whole System Approach

UK Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association

HyDeploy led by Keele University and Northern Gas Networks—TjZ1xAVQ

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