Toyota has announced plans to expand its manufacturing of fuel cell stacks and hydrogen storage tanks.  The company expects global sales of its fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) Mirai to increase from 3,000 (today) to 30,000 per year after 2020.

Toyota’s Mirai is currently sold in eleven markets: Japan, U.S. and nine European nations.  Plans are in place to expand Mirai sales to Australia, Canada, China and the U.A.E.

Fuel Cell Stacks
Toyota will build a new, eight-floor high-tech facility to mass produce its fuel cell stacks which power its Mirai model FCEV.  The fuel cell generates electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen in a single step reaction.  The energy is created in a solid-state fuel cell stack – meaning there are no moving parts to wear down over time.


Hydrogen Tanks
According to the press release, production of high-pressure hydrogen tanks will be handled by a dedicated line inside the nearby Shimoyama Plant (No. 3) in Miyoshi City (Aichi Prefecture). Previously, the hydrogen tanks were assembled at the Honsha plant on a smaller scale. Toyota’s hydrogen tanks are made of extra-thick carbon fiber and are built to withstand major impacts.


Press Release

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