Why Garry Golden

For more than a decade, Garry Golden has been providing insights to industry leaders on issues shaping society and business. As an academically trained Futurist, he helps clients bring structure and discipline to exploring implications of long term change.

Garry has worked across a wide range of industry sectors and projects related to the future of infrastructure for energy and transportation, financial services, learning and talent development, civic and cultural institutions and the implications of global demographic transitions.

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The Future of Energy

Energy drives all aspects of human life by playing a major role at the intersections of business, industry, health, work, food, family, and the environment.

As a result few subjects contain as many captivating visions and sobering realities than policy conversations shaping the energy sector.

Understanding what is possible for the energy sector requires a nuanced understanding of industry fundamentals and the implications of shifting government policies, geopolitics, technologies, social norms and new business models.

It is simplistic to say ‘the future of energy is solar cells and batteries’ – or ‘we must move beyond all fossil fuels to save the planet’.

The future is much more complicated that wishful thinking.

The Role of Fuel Cells

Fuel cells hold the potential to emerge as a critical component in our 21st-century energy systems. Five applications include: Distributed Energy, Electric Vehicles, Power to Gas, Portable Power and Embedded Systems.

Despite these wide ranging applications, the science, technology and business models associated with fuel cells are often misunderstood or misrepresented.

The reputation of fuel cells fell victim to mismanaged expectations during the Dotcom Bubble of the late 1990s.

Now nearly twenty years later in 2018, we are finally seeing strengthening signals of policy and market movement toward fuel cell systems.

Taking a long view, the industry is on track to help transform the global energy sector in the 21st century.

This Fuelcell.io Site

This site is focused on helping evolve the conversation on fuel cells in our society.

Readers can expect:

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    A one-stop resource to understand both the big picture and to get into the weeds of the latest breakthroughs in research and business model innovation.
  • Inspiration & Imagination
    A place to imagine future scenarios where life and industry is reshaped by fuel cell systems.